“Succession Planning: Building and Sustaining Organizational Leadership” – A Brief Survey

DAU is interested in your views on succession planning.  The information will be used by DAU for the potential development of learning products.  The survey is completely anonymous, so please be candid and honest.  We ask that you answer all questions. 


As you take this survey, consider that succession planning entails developing employees with the potential to fill your organization’s leadership positions. This survey asks you to reflect on how your organization applies the succession planning process to support its mission and strategic goals.


Upon completion of this survey, you will receive 1 Continuous Learning Point (CLP) for this effort. 


Thank you for your participation.


       Select the item below that best describes your current position.

Executive Leadership  

       Select the item below that best defines your career field or career path.

3.        What was your level of knowledge of Succession Planning prior to this presentation?  
A great deal.  
4.        What statement best describes your interest in Succession Planning strategies?  
A great deal.  

      If you could receive additional learning and development on succession planning, what perspective should DAU emphasize?

Focus from a leaderís/leadership (organizational) perspective and role.  
Focus from an individualís perspective and role.  
Focus on both the individual and leaderís perspective and roles.  

       What would you consider the most important aspect of the Succession Planning process?

Identify Key Areas & Positions.  
Identify Capabilities and Skills.  
Identify Interested Employees.  
Knowledge Transfer.  
Evaluate Effectiveness.  

       How would you evaluate your organization in terms of their commitment to Succession Planning?

Appears to be unaware of the succession planning process.  
Not committed to the succession planning process.  
Committed to the succession planning process.